Bernie Taupin Opens Up About Beginnings Of Creative Partnership With Elton John

Bernie Taupin, known for his collaborations with music legend Elton John, has opened up about the beginnings of his creative partnership with the rocket man.

During a recent interview with Goldmine magazine for their Winter 2023 edition, Taupin recalled the start of his over five-decade songwriting career, during which he became known for his work as Elton John’s lyricist.

The songwriter told the publication that John is one of the first people he reaches out to for advice, calling him “the ultimate psychiatrist.”

“If you need to get something off your trust, he’s the first person you need to go to to get some easy answers,” Taupin said. “He is a complete constant. You can always rely on him.”

Taupin also stated that when he first moved to London in the 1960s, he depended on the support of John.

“So he was definitely a crutch to lean on, and he did it magnificently and took care of me and made sure that I wasn’t abused by the cynical mindset of others that might have viewed me as being a little wet around the ears and green when l actually really wasn’t. I was far more Intelligent than they give me credit for,” Taupin added.

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