Bon Scott Biopic In The Works Starring Australian Actor Lee Tiger Halley

HALO Films has announced a biopic based on the life of the iconic late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott.

Production of the movie, called The Kid From Harvest Road, is expected to begin in early 2025.

The project aims to capture the essence of Scott’s early life in Fremantle in a fictionalized narrative set in the 1960s, according to the Australian producers.

“Through careful storytelling and attention to detail, The Kid From Harvest Road can offer viewers a reimagined glimpse into the life of a young Bon Scott, while also capturing the spirit of the times in which he lived. It’s an approach that allows for creative interpretation while still honouring the essence of Scott’s journey,” HALO Films announced on its website.

Young Australian actor Lee Tiger Halley will play the role of Scott. The biopic’s script is co-written by Stephen Belowsky and director David Vincent Smith.

Tim Duffy is the producer. Ian Hale and Nicko Mezzino will executive produce for HALO Films and Protocol Pictures, respectively.

The producers urged “anyone to share their stories of the time and help develop the rich tapestry in this love letter to Fremantle.”

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