Original Sublime Members To Reunite With Bradley Nowell’s Son At Coachella

Original Sublime members drummer Bud Gaugh and bassist Eric Wilson are set to reunite with Bradley Norwell‘s son Jakob as the frontman at Coachella.

“This has so many layers for me. On a spiritual level, my father passed away when he was 28, and I am 28 now. It’s an honor to carry on with our family’s name and legacy with Sublime,” Jakob said in a statement. “I’ve been a performing musician with my own projects since I was 18. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to play these Sublime songs with legendary musicians like Eric and Bud.”

“On a personal level, my Uncles Bud and Eric are meant to play these songs and the fans want to hear them. I’m excited, nervous, thankful and humbled all at the same time to step into this role and start this new chapter,” he added. “It feels like my big crazy family is finally back together and I couldn’t be more happy.”

In December 2023, Jakob joined Gaugh and Wilson for a benefit concert for Bad Brains‘ frontman, H.R.

“I knew I would be playing music with Eric again at some point, that was never a doubt,” says Gaugh. “But to be playing music with Eric and Jakob, it’s very reminiscent of those early days in Brad’s dad’s garage in a surrealistic kinda way. With Jake’s raw talent and the solid rhythm foundation Eric and I provide, this train is bound for glory!”

“This is great because I haven’t had the opportunity to play with Bud Gaugh in over a decade,” adds Wilson. “And to have Brad’s son playing our music is the closest thing possible to playing with my old buddy Brad.”

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