Peter Gabriel Shares New Single ‘And Still’ From Upcoming Album

Peter Gabriel recently released “And Still,” the eleventh and penultimate track of his upcoming album i/o.

The first version of “And Still” to be released is the “Dark-Side Mix,” by Tchad Blake.

Speaking about the song, Gabriel said, “I wrote a song for my dad a number of years back, which I was actually able to play him, which was ‘Father, Son’. When my mum died, I wanted to do something for her, but it’s taken a while before I felt comfortable and distant enough to be able to write something.”

“I was trying also to write a little bit in the style of the music that my parents responded to, so I think there is some music from the 40s probably that had an influence on the song,” he added. “In the middle I wanted to write my mum a beautiful melody. She loved classical music, so we have a beautiful cello playing there. It took a while to get that right, it can’t be too emotional or too underplayed, but I think we got there in the end.”

“And Still” has been a stand-out moment in the recent i/o tour, with the cello part played by Ayanna Witter-Johnson. In the studio recording, the solo cello comes courtesy of the New Blood Orchestra‘s Ian Burdge.

This October full moon release comes with artwork from artist Megan Rooney and one of her trademark large-scale paintings “And Still (Time).”

“And Still” comes with differing mix approaches. The “Dark-Side Mix” by Tchad Blake was released on the full moon on October 28. Mark ‘Spike’ Stent‘s “Bright-Side Mix” and Hans-Martin Buff‘s “Atmos mix (In-Side Mix)” will be released in mid-November on the next new moon.

Gabriel’s highly-anticipated album i/o, which is a collection of a dozen songs, will be released on December 1. It is available for pre-order at

(Photo: Nadav Kander)

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